Keller India provides geotechnical solutions for commercial & residential sector including IT Parks, office buildings, residential towers, colleges, hospitals, educational institutions etc.

Institutional structures are some of the iconic buildings which may host government offices, educational institutions, military headquarters, healthcare facilities, Sports and entertainment complexes. Institutional buildings have many internal and external stakeholders having different requirements for design and construction. While working on geotechnical aspects of the building, all these design and usage specifications need to be considered to provide a suitable geotechnical solution. With Keller expertise it is easy to modify the solutions as per industry dynamics.


Commercial establishments make the skylines of cities. They stand tall amidst the hustle on the firm foundation for years. As geotechnical experts, we understand different changes that the structure may undergo during its lifetime. In a country like India, where the geology is highly variable, it is challenging to understand the potential anomalies that these structures could be founded on. Geotechnical engineering of commercial structures is complex because of the potential load dynamics that plays part in structure’s stability.

Keller has expertise in providing geotechnical solutions for commercial buildings, pre and post construction. Here are some aspects in which we excel:

· Deep Piled Foundations

· Soil stabilization

· Underpinning & Load increases

· Re-levelling

Often, we can perform the required upgraded to existing buildings without disturbing the existing operations and that makes us stand apart.


In cities, residential area contributes to over 75% of the land use. Our local experts understand the geotechnical nuances of every city in the country. Keller has a reputation of providing leading geotechnical solutions for the Indian residential sector.