Keller India is involved in the efforts to upgrade nations infrastructure. Whether it is transportation, railways, metros, roads or utilities, we provide geotechnical solutions irrespective of the complexity of project.

Infrastructure is the key driver in the country’s economy. The infrastructure sector includes bridges, dams, roads, power and urban infrastructure. Keller is proud to have contributed to India’s infrastructure growth story since the time of our inception. With technical expertise of providing many geotechnical solutions to different projects, Keller’s team has an impeccable record of being on scope, on time and on budget for every project. Our project managers are highly experienced in understanding the role of stakeholders and those aspects of project management that ensure the success of projects. We offer turn-key, design-build solutions which are suited for alternative delivery methods, such as Public Private Partnerships. Offering value engineering is our area of specialty while working on infrastructure projects.


For any country, the backbone of its business is Transportation. India has been developing infrastructure with transportation having a major part to play. We are proud to be associated with India’s growth story.

Keller recognizes the subtleties and skills required in the various sub sectors of Transportation, including:


 India is looking forward for developing many smart cities, construction of metros is the first step towards this development. We work hand in hand with government agencies for providing geotechnical solutions for metro rail projects, for example Diaphragm Walls and Piling for station excavations, across the country.


 Railways are India’s backbone. With the second largest railway network, India has numerous development projects in this domain. Keller is happy to be a part of this development through value engineering and providing appropriate geotechnical solutions to different projects.


 With robust road network, different cities in India are getting connected. Keller has been instrumental in providing its geotechnical expertise to most of the road network projects in India.