Keller India has delivered a broad range of cost effective and fit for purpose geotechnical solutions across the Ports and Harbour sector.

Keller can deliver innovative solutions to either specific geotechnical challenges or as a turnkey provider to a full scope package of work for construction in the Ports and Harbours sector. of . India has a huge coastline with many harbours and ports, Keller is familiar with many of the challenges of land reclamation and near shore marine construction. . Keller provides the appropriate technical and construction solutions to mitigate construction risks with the best results being achieved the earlier our involvement begins.

Here are the segments within the ports and harbour sector that you may find us:

Near Shore Marine

With industry leading construction experience in the near shore marine environment, Keller India provides design and construct solution for near shore marine structures around the world. The advanced capabilities of our in-house engineering and construction teams ensure that we provide cost effective, fit for purpose and award-winning solutions. Our range of marine piling and ground engineering techniques allied with our general construction capabilities is comprehensive.

Land Reclamation

Increasing development of our major urban centres is accelerating the need for land reclamation of low lying coastal zones and increasing the need for geotechnical solutions to challenges such as

liquefaction, long term soil consolidation, slope stability below levees and deep ground water barriers. Keller has decades of global experience in these applications. When allied with our heavy foundations and marine construction experience we uniquely capable of developing and constructing cost effective solutions for the variety of challenges faced in these environments.