03 Jun, 2020 India

Dealing with COVID-19 and our precautionary measures at work post lockdown

02-3.jpg#asset:2870Keller India braces up for COVID19


Covid19. It has brought the whole world to a standstill. But ironically, that seems to be the only way to stop its unrelenting invasion. Keller being no exception. COVID19 has completely halted the operations at our sites in India due to the Government’s directives for a lock down. Since last month most of our site staffers are stationed there itself due to absence of any prior intimation on the lock down or its duration. They continued to stay at the company guest houses. In terms of managing risks, we at Keller were never 100% ready for this pandemic, as the last one happened in1918 - over a 100 years ago. Nevertheless, we have taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our staff both at sites and at home.


More than just mitigating the impact without putting human resources at risk 

The first and foremost being understanding, acknowledging and complying with the terms of the lock down. Keller have ensured provision of food and accommodation for our staff and subcontractors. Moreover, we assure our employees of timely salaries so as to support their family. We coordinate with clients and local authorities to cooperate and take advantage of Government initiatives. To help maintain our impeccable Health and Safety record, we emphasize social distancing and widely promote the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) at all times.


Emerging stronger in resolve and spirit post COVID19 

No doubt COVID19 has hit Keller hard. We are down but certainly not out. It’s only a matter of time before we bounce back. All plans are in place to resume operations and phase our recovery period post COVID19. The government has given directives to start construction works in non-hotspot zones after 20th April 2020 provided the rules of social distancing are followed.

Some of the immediate steps we’ve initiated include:

• Staff being medically checked for any symptoms

• Sanitizing all operational areas before commencing work

• Procuring the necessary PPE’s for all staff

• Restricting the number of workers at site to the bare minimum

• Implementing social distancing rules during works and travel to and fro sites


COVID19: A lesson in Contingency Planning and sensitivity 

After the Covid19 experience, Keller are better prepared for such situations in future vis-a-vis

Response time, Key Action Areas & Managing Risks related especially to human resource and capital.

Hence the key takeaway from Covid19 is as follows:

• One can never be 100% prepared for such contingencies

• Must have multiple options in place to handle such situations

• Ensure adequate cash flow at all times

• Work-from-home can be an alternative for many

• A sick leave could actually save lives

• Acknowledge the role of Nature and be sensitive towards the environment  

To conclude, COVID-19 will be an important chapter in human history. Ultimately, man’s resilience and resolve to fight will prevail but it has taught us to be prepared in future.