30 Apr, 2018 Mumbai, India

Enhancing efficiency, evoking trust and delivering quality job by fostering a healthy and safe work environment.

At Keller, we are extremely concerned and sensitive about occupational health and safety. Therefore, we take care that every person who works for us or with us, reaches home healthy and safely each day. This is also depicted by our OHSAS & ISO 14001 certification through which we identify control and reduce the health and safety risk at work place and sites. 



With the inherent risks and hazards involved in underground works, Keller has stringent adherence to such objectives as Health, Safety and Environment, Keller promotes a positive social climate and smooth operation. Therefore, all the personnel involved at a specific site feel assured of their safety which translates into better work efficiency. Moreover, it instills confidence that project would remain incident and accident free till completion and hence quality job will be delivered.

A commitment that wins hearts… and awards. 

The goal of our global Keller” Think Safe” program is “Zero Incidents” where both management and employees work towards this benevolent objective.  In doing so, we have earned awards and recognition from the industry, professional bodies and clients alike. 

Tata Project in joint venture with Gulmark was working for Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation for constructing 3 underground metro stations in Lucknow.  Keller was assigned the diaphragm wall construction works for the Hazratgunj station.  Metro construction specifically underground metro is a highly complex project with various potential risks. Keller took suitable risk mitigation steps to reduce the project risks thus identified and successfully accomplished first D-Wall project in India with all safety and quality compliance.

 During the National Safety Week ceremony, Keller was recognized as Best Safety Conscious Contractor and the delegates from LMRC and GC presented the award to Keller India.


This particular award comes close on the heels of the CIDC Vishwakarma HSE Award 2017 won by Keller for the Jet Grouting and Vibro Compaction works at the massive Polavaram Irrigation Project in Andhra Pradesh.  Having successfully completed over 200,000-man hours without any mishap so far, we look forward to accomplishing many more.


Pursuing higher goals through our safety Mantra: Think Safe. Work Safe. Go Home Safe. 

Our focus is to maintain and promote workers’ health, safety and working capacity; improve working environment and work to become conducive to safety and health and develop working cultures in a direction which supports health and safety at work. Our work culture reflects the essential value systems adopted by us in our managerial systems, personnel policy, principles for participation, training policies and quality management.  

With this level of trust from both employees and clients alike, it won’t be surprising that we continue to ride the high crest of success and win accolades in our illustrious journey.