14 Aug, 2018 Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Keller India's geotechnical expertise key to the successful completion of a challenging Diaphragm Wall project for Lucknow Metro

Keller India – Laying the ground for fast-track Lucknow Metro

Keller celebrates another milestone. This time it is the successful completion of Diaphragm Wall for the critical metro project of Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation, U.P.

A vital project integral to Lucknow’s mass transit system

With the overall project awarded to Gulenmark – Tata Projects Ltd JV, the EPC contractors entrusted Keller with the geotechnical works for the North-South Corridor package at Hazrat Ganj station in Lucknow.

Keller takes on complex challenges

The project required Keller to integrate the multiple disciplines and project interfaces required for metro construction at the same time as constructing Diaphragm Walls in the middle of one of the busiest roads in Lucknow.  Keller India leveraged the global strength of the Keller Group with expatriates from overseas Keller companies in Poland, Australia and USA working on the project site to pass on their experience to the local Keller teams.  


(Project Location-Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow)

A legacy of providing optimal and workable solutions

To overcome the multiple operational challenges on the project, in collaboration with the client, Keller developed and executed a buildable, value added “top-down construction” method using our state of art equipment to construct 27,000m2 of diaphragm wall, 42m deep plunge columns and 32m deep barrettes. With proper planning, operations, regular site inspection & testing procedures, Keller’s engineering excellence came to the fore and we were able to successfully accomplish our first Indian Diaphragm wall contract.


(Successful TBM Breakthrough)

Our safety-first approach on all projects was recognized by the client who awarded us the title of “Best Safety Contractor”.


Keller Team receiving “Best Safety Contractor” award)

A benchmark for future progress

Having successfully delivered a prestigious project in compliance with all client requirements on our first Diaphragm wall contract, Keller India is highly motivated for future similar works. . We draw inspiration from the fact that as a team there is no task too daunting or beyond our capability. It only drives us to excel and perform beyond expectations.