Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation

Key Achievements

•The foundation for two no’s of 93 meters diameter LNG tanks and regasification facilities were built using vibro techniques solution and no concrete piles were used. •Keller’s global engineering expertise helped in satisfying the stringent geotechnical performance requirements for sensitive structures such as LNG tanks and associated regas facilities.
•The completed foundation works were handed over to the civil contractor progressively, first LNG tank was handed over within four months.


The Project

GSPC LNG Limited had proposed to set up a 5 MMTPA regasification facility & gas evacuation facilities at Mundra, Gujarat. Two 160,000 m³ LNG storage tanks (93 meters in diameter with height of more than 45 meters) and the regasification facilities over 40,000 m² area were to be constructed. The main contractors had commissioned Keller for foundation works of LNG storage tanks and re-gasification facilities.

The Challenge

Based on the underlain subsoil condition and the loading conditions of the proposed structures, the major geotechnical challenges were to reduce the post construction settlements within tolerable limits and mitigate the liquefaction potential. Additionally, the overall project schedule demanded faster delivery of foundation works. 

The Solution

Keller had done extensive soil Investigation to characterize the subsoil profile across the site. Large diameter vibro stone columns were installed as foundation for LNG storage tanks, while a mix of  vibro compaction and vibro stone columns were used for the re-gasification facilities foundation. The performance was validated using post construction soil testing and static load tests. Hydro test of both LNG tanks have confirmed the design criterion adopted for the project.

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