Fracture grouting is the injection of a cement slurry grout, hydro fracturing soil, creating lenses. The lenses compact surrounding soil and then lift the overlying soil and structures. Keller provides complete solutions which combine fracture grouting with real-time monitoring of affected structures.

Common Uses

  • Re-level structures
  • Stabilize overlying structures during tunnelling

Technical Details

Fracture grouting, also known as compensation grouting, hydro fractures in situ soil using cement slurry grout. A sleeve port pipe is grouted into a pre-drilled hole beneath a structure. The grout is injected under pressure at strategic locations through the ports in the pipe. Once the hydro fracture pressure of the soil is exceeded, fractures open in the soil and are immediately expanded by the influx of grout. This process results in controlled heave of the overlying soils and structures.